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Information about taxable income

Data is sent once per. month to the four municipalities in Greenland. Municipalities need the information in connection with calculations in which taxable income is included, such as: housing benefit, child benefit and pension.

Persons included in the file for a specific municipality:

  • Persons who belong to the census for that municipality in specific income-year
  • Persons who have moved to that municipality later

Data for income-year XXXX is sent first time: september XXXX+1, and last time: december XXXX+2
E.g. Data for income-year 2012 is sent first time: september 2013, and last time: december 2014

Filename: SKPLINDK-{income-year}-{municipality-code}-{extract-date}.txt. E.g. SKPLINDK-2012-QA-2013-9-2.txt

No headerline.
Field-separator: , (comma), Record-separator: ; (semicolon+newline)
Each field is in format:

  • Municipality-number: 31: Kujalleq, 32: Sermersooq, 33: Qeqqata, 34: Qaasuitsup
  • CPR: CPR number of taxpayer
  • Co-CPR: CPR number of co-taxpayer (not used year 2008 and later)
  • Tax-days: Number of days taxpayer is in census
  • Tax-days main person: (not used year 2008 and later)
  • Tax-days co person: (not used year 2008 and later)
  • Taxable income (ordinary)
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